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This is the PDF eBook version for Endocrinology of the Testis and Male Reproduction by Manuela Simoni, Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi

Table of Contents

Part I Physiology of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, the testis, and testicular function: Control of GnRH secretion.- GnRH action .- Gonadotropins.- Gonadotropins receptors.- Sex determination.- Sexual differentiation.- Fetal testicular function (Testosterone, AMH, INSL3).- Testis development and descent.-Functional anatomy and histology of the testis .-Testicular steroidogenesis and testosterone.- Androgen actions – androgenic – anabolic ? (including testosterone metabolism DHT, E2).- Androgen receptor.- Spermatogenesis (including endocrine and paracrine control.- Epididymal sperm transport and fertilization .- Part II Cli

nical approach to the disorders of male reproduction: Anamnesis and physical examination .- Hormonal laboratory examination.- Genetic analysis .- The semen analysis .- Imaging in andrological examination .- Histopathological evaluation of the testis .- Part III Disorders of sexual development and male hypogonadism: Disorders of sexual development .- Classification and epidemiology of hypogonadism.- Clinical manifestation and diagnosis of androgen deficiency .- Primary and secondary hypogonadism.- Delayed puberty .- Androgen resistance .- Estrogen deficiency.- Hypogonadism in systemic diseases .- Effect of cancer treatments on testicular function.- Gynecomastia.- Late-onset hypogonadism .- Treatment of hypogonadism .- Part IV Male infertility: Male infertility .- Genetics of male infertility .- Immunological aspects of infertility .- Rational treatment of male infertility .- Empirical treatment of male infertility .- Varicocele .- Assisted reproduction for male infertility .- Intra-testicular sperm extraction.– Cryopreservation of spermatozoa.- Therapy with anti-androgens .- Part V Miscellaneous aspects: Male contraception .- Use and abuse of androgens .- Socio-demographic aspects of male reproductive disorders.- Psychological aspects of male infertility.- Ethical aspects of male reproductive disorders and their treatment .

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